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Although Mackinac Island is known for taking you back to an era of simpler living, it is not short on things to do. There are plenty of athletic activities for visitors and residents to enjoy including sailing, charter fishing, golfing, kayaking and kite flying.

Below are some of our suggested things to do, to see a full list of things to do on the island or island specific information visit

Natural Attractions

The scenic beauty of Mackinac Island is one of its main attractions. Within Mackinac Island State Park are miles of trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. In Mackinac Island State Park you will find many many geological landmarks such as Arch Rock, Devil’s Kitchen, Sugar Loaf and Skull Cave.

Historical Attractions

Visit one of the island’s many historical sites and museums:



Adventurous visitors enjoy discovering the tales of various Mackinac Island ghostly encounters. Featured on the SyFy channel’s Ghost Hunters and in Todd Clements’s book Haunts of Mackinac, the Island intrigues visitors with its haunted history.

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Shopping / Dining and Island Services

Visit for more information on all of the shops, restaurants and services on the island.    


Here are a few of our favorite restaurants: 1852 Grill Room


Getting ready for a big night out?

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